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Luce Initiative - Funding

The Luce Initiative offers sources of funding for faculty and graduate students.


Faculty Funding

Research Project Grant Application

This support is for comprehensive community-engaged research projects, in thematic areas including creative placemaking, social memory, migration, and environmental justice. A funded project would have support for all proposed purchasing associated with community events, rental spaces, travel costs for data collection, media production costs (photography, maps, printing), data collection and analysis fees, and materials and equipment. This $5000 seed grant award could support a stipend for faculty leadership, either as a collaboration or individual. Separate from this project award, the overarching investment in developing a public-facing digital project archive with the Library provides general website support and research dissemination infrastructure. Travel funds for sharing projects at conferences and community event support will be overarching resources, too.


The Research Project Grant Application period for Summer 2023 is from October 15-November 15, 2022. 



Graduate Student Funding 

Graduate Student Fellowship Application

As part of our efforts to support and build capacity for community-engaged research, and with support from the Henry Luce Foundation and in partnership with the UCM Center for Humanities, we will be offering six summer fellowships ($7000) connected to graduate student enrichment experiences which include a research role with one of two faculty-led projects sponsored through this initiative, as well as participation in a community-engaged research institute (June 2023). Thematic areas for these research projects include creative placemaking, social memory, environmental justice, and migration.

To view PDF version of the Graduate Student Fellowship Application questions, click here.


The Graduate Student Fellowship Application period for Summer 2023 is from November 20-Dec 9, 2022.

Winners of the Summer Fellowship will be announced at the start of February 2023, with the expectation of enrolling in a Spring 2023 group study course with each faculty fellow.