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Connecting Humanities Community Engaged Research to Policy

UC Berkeley Digital Humanities Fair

Library Carpentry - Using Data Workshop

DH Tools - Looking Back at Building the Los Angeles Aqueduct Digital Platform: Long-Term Sustainability and Resource Impact

Canceled - Digital Humanities Tools - Tropy

Sharing & Exhibiting Downtown

DH Tools - Drawing Connections: Introduction to Network Graphs

DH Tools - WhatEvery1says: Data Mining Media Coverage of the Humanities

Research Methods: Story Telling and Public Scholarship

Digital Humanities Tools - Photoshop

Research Planning and Human Subjects Protection

DH Tools - The Louisiana Slave Conspiracies Project

DH Tools - Fundamentals of Computational Text Analysis with Voyant

DH Tools - Introduction to Tinderbox

Digital Oral History as Public History with Dr. Doug Boyd

Voices from Communities

DH Tools - Introduction to Scrivener

Constituting Community: Distinguishing Outreach from Engagement

Digging into Local Archives Approaches and Methods for Planning Research

Gateway to Merced: Oral History as Creative Placemaking, Theory and Practice

Setting the Stage: An Introduction to Community Research Ethics

Community Engagement: Transforming Graduate Education in the Humanities

East LA Interchange Film Screening

DH Tools Series: Digitization: Scanning, Imaging, and 3D Modeling

DH Tools: Podcasting As A Medium for Teaching and Research

Capacity Building Webinar: Research Poster Design and Presentation

DH Tools Series: The Distant Reader: Web-Based Text Analysis Tool

DH Tools Series: Population Maps and Time-Series in R

PHDS Inaugural Talk: Recovering Women's Stories in Ottoman Algeria Through Text Mining and Network Analysis

DH Tools Series: Computational Research in the Humanities & the M.E.R.C.E.D. Cluster