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Research Support

The Public Humanities Design Studio offers a number of services including workshops, consultations, working groups, and in normal circumstances, lab space.


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"The lab provides cross-disciplinary resources to 


Humanities labs aim to change the way humanities people do research. Whereas researchers in the Natural Sciences may be accustomed to working in a lab, this is not usually the situation with humanities researchers. 

This space aims to alleviate any sense from faculty and graduate students who may feel a lack of support. 


We know that many of the projects in the humanities are built on collaboration. 

Collaboration opens the door to provide experience to people they may not have been exposed to before and hopefully connect people so that they have support, guidance and mentorship. 

This is particularly important for graduate students who may seek mentorship and opportunities to publish. 


Goal would be to create a welcoming environment for people who are coming from non-digital fields. 

Form relationships between humanities and the sciences. 

Put us in a b etter position to tackle social issues